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Cave Creek Plumbing Repairs By Reputable Experts

Cave Creek plumber

For the best possible results for your Cave Creek plumbing repairs, the Phoenix Plumbers Today team is ready, willing and more than capable of taking care of them. We take this line of work seriously because it results in our customers having functional plumbing.

When you make the wise choice to work with us, it is about more than high-quality workmanship, although that is included. With our plumbers, you also get personalized customer care and the promise of total satisfaction for the overall job.

Water Heater Experts in Cave Creek

One of the most common service calls we get is for water heater repairs and replacement. One thing we like to educate our customers about is the red flags that you need maintenance – and now!

  • Know the current age of your system. A common mistake homeowners make is buying a house and not finding out the age of the water heater. The serial number literally contains the manufacturers' date, you just have to know how the code works. The average lifespan is about a decade, so if you are nearing that point it is time to start planning for replacement.
  • Rust in the water is a good indicator that you are nearing the end of the life cycle for your system. It is important to determine that it is not the pipes rusting, first. Otherwise, stop exposing yourself and your family to rusty water and get your water heater replaced.
  • Any noise you hear from your water heater is a sign it's not in good shape. Your water heater should not make noise such as banging or rumbling. This is usually the result of sediment buildup which is already causing your system to perform less efficiently.

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