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Plumbing Repairs – What Not to DIY and Why!

plumbing repairs - what not to diy

Many times, homeowners think that a professional Phoenix plumber argues against DIY plumbing repair work, just to keep money going into their own pocket. Yet, genuine plumbers care about their clients and simply want what's best for them. Plus, they have been there, done that and seen enough disasters resulting from attempts of do-it-yourself plumbing to know what a mess this can make.

It's not just about the mess as in flooding your bathroom; water damage can lead to mold and rot and should not be treated lightly. Not to mention that making any problem worse instead of better should be avoided at all costs.

Doing More Harm Than Good

The road to you-know-where is paved with the best of intentions. We realize homeowners mean well when they attempt to tackle a plumbing repair on their own. However, it is realistic to say that watching a couple of videos online does not bear the same weight as getting the training and experience needed to be a master plumber.

So some examples of plumbing repairs that you should not DIY are:

  • Clogged Drains – This sounds so simple; use some store-bought chemicals marketed as drain cleaner and you are good to go – right? Wrong! That clever marketing tactic is about all it has going for it, since these harsh chemicals can cause serious damage to your pipes and plumbing system. Plus, the fix is usually only temporary. Let a professional assess the situation for the best long term resolution, that is also safe on your pipes.
  • Busted Toilet – Aside from maybe replacing the toilet seat, any other problem should be rectified by an expert. Too often, a DIY repair leads to leaks or your toilet running. You may not realize how much water waste results, until you get your bill. A running toilet alone can waste as much as 200 gallons of water each day.
  • Frozen Pipes – Outsiders assume frozen pipes are not something that Phoenix residents have to worry about, but we know the truth. While not as common, it can occur. The best measure of action is to try to prevent them from freezing up in the first place. Make sure you have sufficient insulation, leave water dripping during times of below freezing temps and if it does happen – call a pro. The methods DIYers use to try to unfreeze a pipe can end up leading to serious damage, as well as injury.

Get The Help That You Need

The bottom line is that there is no reason to take a chance like that since Phoenix Plumbers Today offers your quality workmanship at an affordable price. Masterfully executed repairs are a much more cost-effective alternative to DIY work that leaves you with bigger problems.

Not to mention, the damage you cause to your home may not be covered by your homeowners policy, because it was not carried out by a trained professional. There are plenty of areas for you to invest sweat equity in your home, plumbing repairs is not one of them.

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